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WHY swiss?

Looking to buy a Replica watch but are unsure of what quality grading to get? If you are looking for the ultimate in precision, replicated to the smallest detail then you want the SWISS versions. They are double to triple the cost of the Japanese grade we carry but they should last you forever.

Below are a few of the most common differences in the SWISS Models:

  • Unscrew crown and pull it to set the time, turn it around 24 hours, slowing down around 11:55. On the swiss you will notice it changes the date RIGHT at 12:00 right to the second. The others change around 11:56-11:57
  • SWISS use Sapphire crystal, take a drop of water and put on the face, the crystal will leave the water in a nice small little ball. (tough to tell unless with just one watch in hand)
  • Swiss has SOLID end links, look at the link of the bracelet connecting the watch to the watch head, it will be solid. On a NON-swiss its hollow
  • All swiss made replica rolex's are preasure tested, thus they are water proof!
  • Detach the bracelet from the watch and you will see the serial number and model number engraved on the casing of the watch if it is a swiss
  • Sports models (submariners, gmt master, explorer, etc). the middle links are hollow for the 2005-2006 swiss models, this is consistant with the original Sports models 2005 series. none swiss is still solid links.
  • Look at the date window, the 6's and 9's are closed like the originals, they are 'usually' open on the other grade levels


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April 2014 Alert: A new wave of Asian dealers
Recently, the Internet has been flooded with complaints about many Asian dealers who are using fraudulent sales tactics to sell Asian-made replicas as Swiss prices. They have been purchasing replicas for $50-$100 and selling them for $500. In the consumers' best interests, we have just released a new article on how to spot these dealers. Read our Guide to Spotting and Avoiding Asian Replica Scams to save yourself the time and frustration of dealing with these scams. You deserve better for your money!

COD Alert
ReplicaCenter had suggested that COD was the best method of payment, but we are taking it back. That is not true. We've had a lot of complaints lately that dealers have been shipping out bad watches. Also, FedEx/UPS no longer allows you to inspect the replica before you pay, so that might be the reason why so many people are being scammed. We highly suggest you to use a credit card and a credit card only. All major credit card companies now offer zero-liability fraud policies, which means if fraud is committed with your credit card, you are not liable for anything. There's no safer way to pay.